1. Accounts

  • Each player is allowed to control a single account
  • Any multi-account will be deleted and the main account will be banned for 7 days
  • Inactive accounts are periodically removed

  • 2. Limits of the Game

  • The Game: 9 galaxies, 499 systems, 15 planets per system
  • Maximum of planets per player: 10
  • Attacks: 6 attacks per 24 hours against any planet
  • Associated Attacks ACS: 10 against 1
  • Players by alliance: 15

  • 3. Bug

    Using a bug for profit intentionally or not is strictly prohibited and may lead to a permanent ban of the account.

    4. Spam

    Any action to interfere with other players is prohibited. This includes personal messages, chat and forum

    5. Wars

    The declaration of wars between alliances has a symbolic value and is not mandatory.

    6. Pacts

    Pacts between alliances have moral value with the signatory leaders. The administration of the game does not intervene in cases of breach of a covenant

    7. The Rules of Game

    These rules can be changed at any time.

    Goldenor V2 © 2012